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Podcast Episode 15

Letting Go of Anxiety

with Tara Henley
Hosted by CBC’s Olivia Robinson

Letting Go of Anxiety

with Tara Henley
Hosted by CBC’s Olivia Robinson
Tara Henley - Photo by Rebecca Blissett

A deeply personal and informed reflection on the modern world--and why so many feel disillusioned by it.


In 2016, journalist Tara Henley was at the top of her game working in Canadian media. She had traveled the world, from Soweto to Bangkok and Borneo to Brooklyn, interviewing authors and community leaders, politicians and Hollywood celebrities. But when she started getting chest pains at her desk in the newsroom, none of that seemed to matter.


The health crisis--not cardiac, it turned out, but anxiety--forced her to step off the media treadmill and examine her life and the stressful twenty-first century world around her.


Part memoir, part travelogue, and part investigation, Lean Out tracks her journey from the heart of the connected city to the fringe communities that surround it. From early retirement enthusiasts in urban British Columbia to moneyless men in rural Ireland, Henley uncovers a parallel track in which everyday citizens are quietly dropping out of the mainstream and reclaiming their lives from overwork. Underlying these disparate movements is a rejection of consumerism, a growing appetite for social contribution, and a quest for meaningful connection in this era of extreme isolation and loneliness. 


A limited number of signed books are available from our friends at Perfect Books.


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Letting Go of Anxiety

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Letting Go of Anxiety

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