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War: How Conflict Shaped Us

with Margaret MacMillan
Hosted by CBC’s Adrian Harewood

War: How Conflict Shaped Us

with Margaret MacMillan
Hosted by CBC’s Adrian Harewood
Margaret MacMillan - Photo by Ander McIntyre

Margaret Macmillan shares her insights into the very nature of war—from the ancient Greeks to modern times—with CBC’s Adrian Harewood.


In her sweeping new book, international bestselling author and historian Margaret MacMillan analyzes the tangled history of war and society and our complicated feelings towards it and towards those who fight. It explores the ways in which changes in society have affected the nature of war and how in turn wars have changed the societies that fight them, including the ways in which women have been both participants in and the objects of war.


MacMillan’s new book contains many revelations, such as war has often been good for science and innovation and in the 20th century it did much for the position of women in many societies. But throughout, it forces the reader to reflect on the ways in which war is so intertwined with society, and the myriad reasons we fight.


A limited number of signed books are available from our friends at Perfect Books.


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War: How Conflict Shaped Us

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War: How Conflict Shaped Us

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