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Commanding Hope

with Thomas Homer-Dixon
Hosted by John Geddes

Commanding Hope

with Thomas Homer-Dixon
Hosted by John Geddes
Thomas Homer-Dixon - Photo by Peter Lee

Calling on history, cutting-edge research, complexity science and even Lord of the Rings, Thomas Homer-Dixon lays out the tools we can command to rescue a world on the brink. Journalist John Geddes sits down with the bestselling author and thinker to discuss his latest book, Commanding Hope: The Power We Have to Renew a World in Peril.


For three decades, the renowned author of The Upside of Down and The Ingenuity Gap, has examined the threats to our future security—predicting a deteriorating global environment, extreme economic stresses, mass migrations, social instability and wide political violence if humankind continues on its current course. He was called The Doom Meister, but we now see how prescient he was. 


Today just about everything we’ve known and relied on (our natural environment, economy, societies, cultures and institutions) is changing dramatically—too often for the worse. Without radical new approaches, our planet will become unrecognizable as well as poorer, more violent, more authoritarian.


In his long-awaited new book (dedicated to his young children), he calls on his extraordinary knowledge of complexity science, of how societies work and can evolve, and of our capacity to handle threats, to show that we can shift human civilization onto a decisively new path if we mobilize our minds, spirits, imaginations and collective values. 


Commanding Hope marshals a fascinating, accessible argument for reinvigorating our cognitive strengths and belief systems to affect urgent systemic change, strengthen our economies and cultures, and renew our hope in a positive future for everyone on Earth.


A limited number of signed books are available from our friends at Perfect Books.


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Commanding Hope

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Commanding Hope

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