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Christ Church Cathedral414 Sparks Street

In/Words Presents Dis(s)ent

With Sanita Fejzić

In/Words Presents Dis(s)ent

With Sanita Fejzić
Christ Church Cathedral
414 Sparks Street
Sanita Fejzić

Co-edited by George Elliott Clarke and Sanita Fejzić, Dis(s)ent is a collection of poetry, fiction, essays and art worrying definitions of truth and the truth-teller in our “post-truth” era. 


This issue is motivated by the question: How do capitalism, consumerism and colonialism distort our perceptions of “reality” and confuse our relationships to each other—as citizens, as relatives, as participants in collectives, and/or as “free” individuals?


Environmental rights, Indigenous rights, women's rights, LGBTQ+ rights are at the forefront of the contributors’ minds. Dis(s)ent features stories that question human subjectivity and agency.

The evening will open with a live solo performance by the lead singer of Scary Bear Soundtrack, Gloria Guns, followed by readings featuring Cree poet Michelle Poirier Brown, Collett TraceyMaïté Simard and Deniz KilincMarie-Pierre DaigleSarah Kabamba and Xavier Laberge.


Artwork by Mathieu Laca and Ambivalently Yours will be showcased in the room. 


With 57 contributors, the latest anthology of In/Words Magazine & Press features established writers such as First Nations Mohawk/Tuscarora poet  Janet Rogers , as well as emerging voices such as  Sarah Kabamba , who made the 2017 CBC Poetry Prize shortlist and won the 2017 Emerging Writer Award by Room Magazine. 


Writers and artists from countries around the world are featured, including Canada, South Africa, South Korea and the U.S., to name but a few. On top of prose, poetry and essays, Dis(s)ent includes video poetry, photography, painting, music videos, mixed media texts and an entire graphic story by a Jewish-American illustrator,  Dav Yandler .


Dis(s)ent also features French-Canadian voices, including twice Governor General Award nominated poet, writer and translator  Sylvie Nicolas , along with art by Montreal-based  2Fik  and  Mathieu Laca and critical essays by emerging scholars  Marie-Pierre Daigle  and  Xavier Laberge

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In/Words Presents Dis(s)ent

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In/Words Presents Dis(s)ent

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