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Travels in the New China with Alexandre Trudeau

Travels in the New China with Alexandre Trudeau

Library and Archives Canada
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Alexandre Trudeau

To this day, China remains an enigma. Ancient, complex and fast moving, it defies easy understanding.


Ever since he was a boy, Alexandre Trudeau has been fascinated by this great county. Recounting his experiences in the China of recent years, Trudeau visits artists and migrant workers, townspeople and rural farmers. Often accompanied by a young Chinese journalist, Vivien, he explores realities caught in time between the China of our memories and the thrust of progress. The China he seeks out lurks in hints and shadows. It flickers dimly amidst all the glare and noise. The people he encounters along the way give up only small secrets, yet each revelation comes as a surprise that jolts us from our preconceived ideas and forces us to challenge our most secure notions.


Barbarian Lost, Trudeau’s first book, is an insightful and witty account of the dynamic changes going on right now in China, as well as a look back into the deeper history of this highly codified society. On the ground with the women and men who make China tick, Trudeau shines new light on the country as only a traveller with his storytelling abilities could.

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Travels in the New China with Alexandre Trudeau

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Travels in the New China with Alexandre Trudeau

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