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Spotlight on Biblioasis with Kathy Page and Leon Rooke

Spotlight on Biblioasis with Kathy Page and Leon Rooke

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Kathy Page
Leon Rooke

Biblioasis, a literary press based in Windsor, Ontario, is building a reputation for publishing great poetry, fiction and non-fiction in beautifully crafted editions. Join us for a reading by two of their most anticipated fall releases. 

Kathy Page’s new Giller-nominated collection of short fiction, The Two of Us, focuses on pairs: intense one-on-one relationships and encounters. Characters undergo genetic testing, garden, overeat, starve themselves, travel, fall pregnant, all while simultaneously driving each other towards moments where they—sometimes unwillingly—glimpse the meaning and shape of their lives, and who they might become.

The two novellas and three short stories in Swinging Through Dixie by Governor General’s Award winner  Leon Rooke  are united by place and mood. The title novella, set in a southern post-WWII American town sports a Watermelon Queen, a ten-year-old businessman, and other colourful eccentrics, all of whom are puzzled by the familiar lead in a new sexy movie that’s come to town. The second novella takes place further south, in a small village perched in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Told in the style of Jose Saramago or Garcia Marquez, daring young women, mad mothers, and traumatized children are affected radically by the magic of their world. With these joyful, touching, brilliantly crafted pieces, Rooke speaks to a time and sensibility long forgotten.

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Spotlight on Biblioasis with Kathy Page and Leon Rooke

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Spotlight on Biblioasis with Kathy Page and Leon Rooke

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