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Carry On, Seargent Film Screening with Live Music

Presented by: Lost Dominion Screening Collective

Carry On, Seargent Film Screening with Live Music

Presented by: Lost Dominion Screening Collective
Bytowne Cinema
325 Rideau St.
Mike Dubue

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In honour of war veterans on the centennial anniversary of the First World War, the Ottawa International Writers Festival and Lost Dominion Screening Collective present the 1928 Canadian silent film  Carry On, Sergeant! .  A soundtrack featuring re-interpretations of classic movie themes by Italian film composer Ennio Morricone accompanies the film, performed live by the band HILOTRONS.

Carry On Sergeant! (not to be confused with the later British comedy series of the same name) was shot at Trenton Studios in Ontario and in the surrounding countryside by British Director Bruce Bairnsfather, with legendary Canadian filmmaker Gordon Sparling working as his assistant director. With a budget of $500 000, it was the biggest-budget film produced in Canada up to that time. Much of that budget went to recreating WWI-era France, with sprawling sets and battlefield scenes featuring hundreds of extras and the use of real high-explosives.  Produced as a silent film just as theatres were transitioning to sound, it had only a brief two-month run at the box office before it was removed from circulation in January 1929. It fell into obscurity for many years before Gordon Sparling donated a print to Library and Archives Canada, resulting in a complete restoration of the film in 1990. It is now considered one of the most important films in Canadian film history.

Ennio Morricone, born on the date of the world premi è re of  Carry On, Sergeant!  - November 10, 1928, is an Italian composer, orchestrator and conductor and former trumpet player, who has written music for more than 500 motion pictures and TV series, as well as contemporary classical works.

HILOTRONS  Led by pop-auteur Mike Dubue, HILOTRONS began in 2002 and have shared bills with indie darlings including The Arcade Fire, The Unicorns, The Von Bondies, The Constantines, and many more. With energetic live-shows and countless accolades the band is set to release their next album in early 2015.


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Carry On, Seargent Film Screening with Live Music

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Carry On, Seargent Film Screening with Live Music

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