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Hiding in Plain Sight with Emily Pohl-Weary and Erin Bow

Hiding in Plain Sight with Emily Pohl-Weary and Erin Bow

Bridgehead Roastery and Coffeehouse
130 Anderson Street (at Preston)
Emily Pohl-Weary
Erin Bow - Photo by StudioJ

Our celebration of young adult fiction continues with two bestsellers Emily Pohl-Weary and Erin Bow.


Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl by Emily Pohl-Weary follows eighteen-year-old rock star Sam Lee a super-talented bass player and songwriter in an all-girl indie rock band who one night after a concert in Central Park is attacked by a 'wild-dog''. As the fast paced narrative unfolds Sam becomes trapped in a tug-of-war between her animal and human selves where she has to unravel the mysteries of the werewolf world before her bandmates, the media and her mother catch up to her.


Erin Bow's latest book is Sorrow's Knot .


At the very edge of the world live the Shadowed People. And with them live the dead.


There, in the village of Westmost, Otter is born to power. She is the proud daughter of Willow, the greatest binder of the dead in generations. It will be Otter’s job someday to tie the knots of the ward, the only thing that keeps the living safe.


Kestrel is in training to be a ranger - one of the brave women who venture into the forest to gather whatever the Shadowed People can’t live without. It will be Kestrel and her sister rangers who stand against whatever dark threat might slip through the ward’s defenses.


And Cricket wants to be a storyteller - already he shows the knack, the ear - and already he knows a few dangerous secrets.


But something is very wrong at the edge of the world.


Willow’s power seems to be turning inside out. The ward is in danger of falling. And lurking in the shadows, hungry, is a White Hand - the most dangerous of the dead, whose very touch means madness, and worse.


Suspenseful, eerie, and beautifully imagined.


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Hiding in Plain Sight with Emily Pohl-Weary and Erin Bow

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Hiding in Plain Sight with Emily Pohl-Weary and Erin Bow

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