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Knox Presbyterian Church120 Lisgar Street (at Elgin)

Ascent of Women with Sally Armstrong

Hosted by CBC's Sandra Abma

Ascent of Women with Sally Armstrong

Hosted by CBC's Sandra Abma
Knox Presbyterian Church
120 Lisgar Street (at Elgin)
Avril Benoit
Sally Armstrong

Join us for a frank conversation about the final frontier for women: having control over your own body, whether in zones of conflict, in rural villages, on university campuses or in your own kitchen. Recent studies by economists such as Jeffrey Sachs and social scientists such as Isobel Coleman claim that women who gain such control--who are not oppressed--are the key to economic justice and the end to violence in developing countries around the world.


Sally Armstrong describes the perilous journey that brought women to this point, tells the dramatic and empowering stories of change-makers and examines the stunning courage, tenacity and wit they are using to alter the status quo. Women revolutionaries in Toronto and Nairobi, Kabul and Caracas, New York City and Lahore are making history. Women the world over are marching to protest honour killing, polygamy, stoning and a dozen other religiously or culturally sanctified acts of violence. Sally Armstrong will bring us these voices from the barricades, inspiring and brave.


Books by participating authors available on-site. A booksigning will follow each event.


Listen to an interview with Sally Armstrong from CBC Radio's All In A Day.


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Ascent of Women with Sally Armstrong

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Ascent of Women with Sally Armstrong

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