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4 Writers on Shaking Up the Status Quo

The moments and people who stand out in history and in day-to-day life are often those who shake up the system. They present the world with a new point of view, force us to look behind the curtain and more clsoely at ourselves, and sometimes they change the order of the world.

April 27 • 8:30PM: One Day this Will Matter with Scaachi Koul 
BuzzFeed writer and cultural critic Scaachi Koul  will be talk about her witty and moving book of personal essays that covers everything from social anxiety to family squabbles, body shaming to racism. Her book made us laugh, cry and scream in frustration, and we can't wait for Koul to talk with CBC Ottawa's Lucy van Oldenbarneveld Learn more and get tickets.

April 29 • 8:30PM: This is an Uprising with Mark Engler
#BlackLivesMatter, the Women's March and protests in favour of santuary cities are just a few of the most visibile social movements we have seen in the last year. Though these demonstrations seem to erupt on their own, large social movements that produce change require some serious planning. In This is an Uprising Mark Engler takes a closer look at some what goes into making an effective uprising, from Gandhi to Martin Luther King Jr., Gene Sharp to Frances Fox Piven. Learn more and get tickets.

April 30 • 6:30PM: Vimy - The Battle and the Legend with Tim Cook
In 1917 the Canadian Military fought and won a decisive battle at Vimy Ridge. Though a battle like any other, its significance, for World War I and Canada, became a legend which still holds symbolic significance today. But what events led to that day? Which parts are real and which are myth? What can it tell us about our involvement in wars on foreign soil? Award-winning historian Tim Cook will take us back to the day 100 years after the battle was won. Learn more and get tickets.

May 2 • 6:30PM: Rise of the Radical Right with Tom McMillan
The Conservative Party Leadership race is well underway and the divide between candidates is ideologically vast - driven by divisive social policies, celebrity and propaganda. How did the Conservative Party get here? What legacy will the next leader inherit? Does the party risk alienating the rest of Canada? Former Federal Cabinet Minister  Tom McMillan  explores the evolution - or devolution - of Canada's Conservative Party, how back­room party politics operates, and political leaders succeed or fail. Learn more and get tickets.

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