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Mike Carey

Mike Carey

Mike Carey was born in Liverpool, but moved to London in the eighties after completing an English degree at Oxford. He taught English and Media for several years before resigning to become a freelance writer in 2000.

After working for several UK and American indie publishers, Mike got his big break when he successfully pitched the Lucifer ongoing series to DC Comics’ Vertigo division. Since then, he has written Hellblazer for DC, X-Men and Fantastic Four for Marvel, Vampirella for Harris and Red Sonja for Dynamite Entertainment. He also wrote the Marvel Comics adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Shadow , and has recently launched a creator-owned book at Vertigo, The Unwritten , which has twice made the New York Times graphic novel bestseller list.

More recently, Mike has moved into prose fiction with the Felix Castor novels, supernatural crime thrillers recounting the exploits of a freelance exorcist. Five have already been published in the UK, subsequently going into reprint several times, and three in the US. The series will run for a minimum of six novels in all. Mike is working on a movie screenplay for UK’s Slingshot Studios and a novel, The Steel Seraglio , commissioned by Canada’s Chizine Publications, which he is co-writing with his wife, Linda, and daughter, Louise.

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