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Mel M Rabet

Mel M Rabet

Musician, composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, MEL M’RABET was born to musician parents and grew up in Granada, Andalusia. An Oud virtuoso, he has performed the world over with musicians such as Cesaria Evora, Steve Potts, Omar Sosa and Cheb Mami, as well as Chano Dominguez and other prominent Spanish flamenco artists. His mastery of the traditions and his powerful technique has resulted in a very distinctive style of playing that reflects his desire to extend the possibilities for the instrument. Mel's mesmerizing vocals and agile playing will be accompanied by a percussionist, and a pianist.

"He sang and gave his oud, (the fretless stringed ancestor of the Renaissance lute), an exciting, dexterous workout, and for once the Western backup music and technology didn't sanitize or

ravage the authenticity of the songs in the way that many traveling bands with their barrage of electronic gadgetry do." ~ Toronto Star

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