Tim Wynne-Jones was born in England, grew up in British Columbia and Ontario, and studied at the University of Waterloo and York University. His writing career began when he won the $50 000 Seal First Novel Award for Odd's End, a book he wrote in five weeks while at loose ends when his wife was away in California just after he finished university. Since then he has written and translated numerous picture books and created four works of fiction for children and young adults, two more novels for adults, numerous radio dramas, a children's musical, an opera libretto, short stories, and songs for the television programme, "Fraggle Rock". He and his wife, Amanda Lewis (with whom he wrote the children's book, Rosie Backstage) moved their family of three children to a beautiful rural acreage in eastern Ontario after Mr. Wynne-Jones's successful sojourn as the Perth Public Library Writer-in-Residence in 1988. Although he does not model his fictitious characters on his family, he finds that being with his children puts him in touch with the child in himself. That helps him to write naturally, personally, and originally -- qualities important in the creation of good books for children and for adults.


Festival Event:
Writing the Mayfair
Tuesday, October 26 2010 @ 8:30

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