Patrick Watson, Commissioning Editor for History Television, is the host and narrator for the CANADIANS series. The veteran television producer, actor, host and best selling author was the first independent chairman of the CBC. Best known for his work in current affairs (Close Up, The Watson Report), and documentary film (Struggle for Democracy, The 700 Million), Watson has maintained an active interest in dramatic production and acting. His series, Witness to Yesterday, a dramatic television series of encounters with great figures from the past, was created for History Television in 1997, featuring entirely new confrontations with some of history's most fascinating figures. He has most recently produced and directed The Conjurer, a magical spectacle starring David Blaine. His latest books are This Hour Has Seven Decades, a memoir, and Wittgenstein and the Goshawk: A Fable.

Festivals: 1999, 2005 (spring)

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