Betty Warrington-Kearsley was born in England but grew up with her Chinese family in a kampong in Singapore. Following a full professional career during which she developed her love of writing, she has been writing poetry intensively for several years. She also writes short stories and is working on a memoir. Her poems have won several awards including first prize in ARC's 2004 Diana Brebner Poetry Award, co-winner in the 2004 Ray Burrell poetry contest, and shortlisting for the 2004 Shaunt Basmajian Poetry Award. Recent publications include; the Grist Mill, Sentinel Poetry, LYNX, Verse Afire, and chapbook anthologies including; Heard Instinct, Tracking Ground and Yawp, The Delicate Art of Paper Passing, and a haiku in the 58th Basho International Festival Anthology. Betty also writes under her pen name, Pe-Lien.

Festivals: 2006 (fall)

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