Journalist and novelist, Colm TÓibÍn was born in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford and educated at University College Dublin. His first novel, The South, (1990) about an Irish artist in Spain, won The Irish Times Literature Prize in 1991. The Heather Blazing, won the Encore Award for the best second novel in 1992. His third novel, The Story of the Night (1997) was hailed as an extraordinary work of fiction by critics. Before the publication of his first novel Tóibín published a travelogue: Homage to Barcelona (1989) and a selection of his journalism: The Trial of the Generals (1990). Two further non-fiction works followed in the 1990s: Walking Along the Border (1987) and The Sign of the Cross - Travels in Catholic Europe (1994). Tóibín is a former editor of In Dublin and Magill magazines and currently lives in Dublin. His latest novel is The Master.

Festivals: 2004 (Canada-Europa)

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