Gary Thomas returned to Toronto in 1998 and opened Crush, one of Canada’s foremost motion graphics and effects studios, now also producing original content and live action. He began his career in animation and computer graphics, working in television commercials. He was a creative director at Centro Digital Pictures in Hong Kong, where he oversaw the development of one of Asia’s leading animation and special effects houses. After directing Cannes and Clio award winning commercials for Carlsberg, Shell, Nike and more, he moved to Sydney for Garner McLennan Design.

Gary’s work for Moby’s Play DVD was a Grammy finalist, and he and his Crush team have just garnered 2008’s One Show award recognizing their innovative series of shorts for Douglas Coupland’s The Gum Thief. He has directed several short films for BookShorts, including A Life’s Passion, based on the novel Renaldo by James McCreath and licensed for national television broadcast in 2008; and The Upside of Down based on the work of Thomas Homer-Dixon.

Festivals: 2008 (fall)

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