Bridget Stutchbury was born in Montreal and raised in Toronto. She completed her B.Sc. and M.Sc. at Queen’s and her Ph.D. at Yale, was a fellow and research associate at the Smithsonian. She is now an Associate Professor of Biology at York University. An international expert on birds and bird habits, she is associated with more than a dozen organizations and agencies seeking to preserve bird habitats, including the World Wildlife Fund, and has spent literally years in the field in Canada, the U.S., Panama, Costa Rica, and South America. Her husband, Eugene Morton, is an expert in bird song. The Toronto Star selected her as one of the “People to Watch in 2005,” which she proved when her research into the sexual antics of birds made headlines around the world and landed her a segment on Quirks & Quarks. Bridget lives in Woodbridge, Ontario.

Festivals: 2007 (spring)

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