Dr. Ruby Slipperjack-Farrell is an Assistant Professor and the Chair of the Department of Indigenous Learning. Dr. Farrell, an Ojibwa from the Fort Hope Indian Band in Ontario, spent her formative years on her father's trapline on Whitewater Lake. Her family later moved to a community along the railway mainline. She went to a residential school for several years and finished high school in Thunder Bay. Dr. Farrell has earned a B.A. in History, a B.Ed, a Master of Education and has recently completed a Doctoral program at the University of Western Ontario. She has retained much of the traditional religion and heritage of her people, all of which inform her writing. Her first novel, Honour the Sun, earned rave reviews and is widely used in schools. Her other novels are Weesquachak and the Lost Ones, Silent Words and Little Voice.

Festivals: 2005 (fall)

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