Gordon Sheppard: Born Montreal, raised Toronto (WASP). '50s: educated U of T (BA), re-educated Oxford (Magdalen College, MA). '60s: worked at TV, films, newspapers, federal government, and expanding consciousness. '70s: wrote, produced, and directed feature film Eliza's Horoscope; lived in California, became vegetarian, weight-lifter, computer geek. '80s: renovated Victorian townhouse in Montreal; worked at TV, French photography, self-government, and immortality (a girl, born 1989). '90s: collaborated on music/lyrics of Marie-Claire Seguin album "Une femme une planete (1990); created "Personal Archives" (1992), a photographic exhibition featuring Quebec poet-politican Gerald Godin, "Stages"(1993), a photographic exhibition about the death of his mother, and "The Rowers" (1999), a photographic study of rowing. New century: completed Ha!: A Self-Murder Mystery, an investigation of the suicide of Hubert Aquin. Chief preoccupation: living fatherhood, a daily epiphany.

Festivals: 2004 (fall)

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