Mohammed Salmawy was born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1945. He studied English Literature at Cairo University where he graduated in 1966. He then obtained two diplomas from Oxford and Birmingham universities in Shakespeare and Modern English Literature respectively. His post-graduate studies were in Mass Communications at the American University in Cairo. After working as a Teacher of Language at Cairo University for four years, he joined AL-AHRAM newspaper as editor of foreign affairs in 1970 - a position he still holds. Mohammed has been writing since the late sixties. His literary work first came to public attention in the 1980s. The overwhelming success of his two one-act plays, Come Back Tomorrow and Next in Line, secured him an established place in the Egyptian theatre. His Arabic works include The Foreign Editor (1976), Origins of British Socialism (intro by Dr. Butros Ghali) (1978), The Man Who Regained His Memory and Other Stories (1983), The Public Image of Camal Abdel-Nasser (1983), Come Back Tomorrow and other Plays (1983) and On Nasserism (1984). Mohammed is married to artist Nazli Madkour. They have two children.

Festivals: 2002

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