Andrew Roberts might not have got into Cambridge University if the head of history at Caius College had not been amused by the reason he was chucked out of school. His books, The Holy Fox: A Biography of Lord Halifax (1991), Eminent Churchillians (1994), The Aachen Memorandum (1995), Salisbury: Victorian Titan (1999), Napoleon and Wellington (2001) and Hitler and Churchill: Secrets of Leadership (2003), would not have been written if Roberts had been even half-way competent at his initial career choice, merchant banking. So he would not have won the Wolfson and James Stern Silver Pen prizes, nor would he have become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. More troubling to him still, if he had not sat next to the biographer Leonie Frieda in the Poissonerie restaurant in Sloane Avenue, she might not be his girlfriend today. He recently edited and contributed an essay to the book What Might Have Been: Leading Historians on Twelve 'What Ifs' of History. He has two children, Henry, who is six, and Cassia, who is four, who live in Edinburgh. He lives in Knightsbridge in London.

Festivals: 2004 (Canada-Europa)

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