Andre Pratte has been a journalist for thirty years. He has covered politics for most of his career as a reporter, a columnist, and an editor. He was named Editorial Pages Editor at La Presse in 2001. He has written five books on politics and the media, including Charest: His Life and Politics. He was editor of Reconquérir le Canada, Un nouveau projet pour la nation québécoise, a series of essays by a group of Quebec federalists taking a fresh look at Quebecers' relationship with the rest of the country, and he authored an exchange of correspondence on Quebec's political future with well-known sovereigntist Joseph Facal. Finally, along with eleven other well-known Quebecers including former Premier Lucien Bouchard, André Pratte was signatory to a manifesto that had a major political impact in Quebec, For a clear eyed vision of Québec.

Festival Event:
Wednesday, April 13 @ 7:00PM

Mayfair Theatre (1074 Bank st.)


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