Anton Piatigorsky’s plays include Eternal Hydra, which premiered at the Stratford Festival’s Studio Theatre in 2002, The Kabbalistic Psychoanalysis of Adam R. Tzaddik, The Offering, Mysterium Tremendum, Easy Lenny Lazmon and the Great Western Ascension and the libretto for composer Brian Current’s Airline Icarus. Three of his plays were nominated for Dora Mavor Moore and Floyd Chalmers awards. Easy Lenny Lazmon won four Dora awards in 1999. John Mighton chose Anton Piatigorsky as his protégé after winning the Siminovitch prize in 2005. Anton Piatigorsky is presently working on The Duke of Windsor, a play commissioned by the Stratford Festival, and a novel.

Festivals: 2009 (spring)

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