Oni the Haitian Sensation, voted “Ottawa’s favorite full time writer/poet” by Ottawa Xpress Arts Weekly, is an internationally recognized slam poet, author, and arts educator. Her book Ghettostocracy was named a Book of the Year by the Globe and Mail. Maclean’s Magazine praised her award-winning poetry workshops on HIV/AIDS saying, “Sex education has never been as fun - nor, possibly, as effective.” The first Canadian woman to tour the European slam poetry circuit, Oni The Haitian Sensation has performed for audiences in Europe, Australia, Canada and the U.S. She directed Canada's first National Poetry Slam, the Canadian Spoken Wordlympics. She uses poetry as a way to empower, educate and entertain on subjects not always covered in the mainstream media. Plus, her CD The Bedside Booty Book is better than Viagra. As far as the XPress, Oni and the National Library and Archives were able to discover, the publication of Oni's first poetry collection, Ghettostocracy, makes the Haitian Sensation the first African-American woman to be published in Ottawa.

Festivals: 2002, 2007 (fall)

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