Susan Musgrave's career as a social misfit began early in life. She was kicked out of kindergarten class for laughing, and sent to the library to contemplate her heinous crime while seated on the "Thinking Chair". She understood, then, that books and thinking must be considered dangerous, and they became her favourite forms of escape. Not long afterwards she dropped out of kindergarten for good. Musgrave has published 19 books, and is a novelist, poet, children's writer, reviewer, essayist, and a columnist for the Vancouver Sun and Toronto Star. She travels internationally for readings, festivals and workshops, and is active in the Writers in Electronic Residence Program. She has been widely anthologized and shortlisted four times for the Governor General's Award. Her recent titles include: Forcing the Narcissus, Musgrave Landing, Cargo of Orchids, What the Small Day Cannot Hold and Little Theatres. Her latest publication is You're in Canada Now ... Motherfucker.

Festivals: 1999, 2005 (fall)

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