Since 1995, when Captain Bruce's files were rediscovered, Janet Morgan has spent most of her spare time searching the Continent for his agents' descendants, deciphering coded letters and secret reports, examining maps, timetables, moonlight diagrams and methods of escaping from prison camps, and learning about railways, espionage, pigeons and ballooning.

The greater part of her working life, meanwhile, is spent as a director of various public companies in the telecommunications, transport, construction, financial and energy industries. She lives in Scotland and, like Madame Rischard, is a housewife. Her other books include the four-volume edition of the Crossman Diaries and the authorized biographies of Agatha Christie and Edwina Mountbatten; The Secrets of Rue St Roch is a jigsaw puzzle on an even bigger scale.

Festivals: 2005 (Year Round)

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