Daniel MacIvor is a Toronto-based playwright. He won the Governor General’s award in 2006. His Greatness, a play about Tennessee Williams set in a Vancouver hotel room, was debuted in that city in 2007. His recently published plays include I Still Love You: Five Plays (Playwrights Canada Press, 2006), How It Works (J Gordon hillingford Publishing, 2006), Cul-de-sac (Talon Books, 2005), In On It (Scirocco Drama, 2001), You Are Here (Scirocco Drama, 2001), Monster (Scirocco Drama, 1999), and Marion Bridge (Talon Books, 1999). He also has a long history in film as a writer, actor and director. MacIvor was born in Cape Breton.

Festivals: 2008 (fall)

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