Born in Liverpool in 1966, Niall Griffiths lives in Wales. Grits, his first novel, has been filmed for television. This was followed by a trilogy that includes Sheepshagger, an elemental and explosive novel set in the mountains of western Wales, and Kelly & Victor, a story of the growth and spiralling intensity of sexual obsession. Stump is the final book in the trilogy. Hailed as a major new voice by writers as diverse as John Banville, A.L. Kennedy, Iain Sinclair, and Irvine Welsh, his large following increases with each novel. Stump contains all the characteristic passion and anger of Niall's previous novels - intense, lyrical language rooted in the natural world. But in contrast to the darkness of previous books, there is relief of black farce and scabrous banter, and a move towards regeneration, towards something resembling hope.

Festivals: 2003

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