Gale Zoë Garnett was born on 23 July 1949, in Parnell, Auckland New Zealand. She is the author of the critically acclaimed novels, Visible Amazement, Transient Dancing and Savage Adoration, and the novella, Room Tone (now in second printing). Her books, essays, poems and stories have been published in Canada, The U.S, France and Germany.

Zoë has been an actor (all media) since age seven, a published writer since her early teens. Savage Adoration is Zoë’s fourth book of fiction.
She is ‘ad hoc Writer-in-Residence’ for Literature for Life, a Toronto-based book-centred organisation for young single mothers who read, write and read to their kids. Zoë also leads workshops in all aspects of public readings. These have been given for universities, writers’ organisations and publisher or author requested one-on-one sessions

With the support of The Stephen Lewis Foundation and The Writers’ Union of Canada, Zoë initiated the CanadAfrica Kidlit Booklift, which brought Canadian children’s books (ages 5-17) to The Nyaka AIDS Orphans’ School in Nyakagyezi, Uganda.

She is a Contributing Book Reviewer for The Globe and Mail. She lives in Toronto, Canada and Visby, Sweden.

Previous Festivals: 2000, 2003, 2008 (spring)

Festival Event:
The Writing Life
Friday, April 23 @ 8:00
Mayfair Theatre

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