Having lived for much of the past decade in Asia, Jeff Fuchs' work has centered on indigenous mountain peoples, Asian traditions, with a particular addictive emphasis on tea. Jeff has just penned a book of his 8-month, 6000 km journey through the Himalayas, along Asia's fabled Tea Horse Road. The Ancient Tea Horse Road, a twelve-hundred-year-old route, winds its way through some of the most unforgiving terrain on earth. Documenting his travels in rich and eloquent detail, with stunning photography, Fuchs brings to life a path that has been an escape route, trade highway, and an adventure destination, battling frostbite, snow blindness, and hunger along the way. His vibrant photos and stories have appeared in World Geographic, The Earth, Voyage, New Ideas, Outdoor Exploration, New Traveler, Outpost and the China Post newspaper. Work has taken him to the Arctic, South America, Asia, Europe and ultimately found him a home in the eastern Himalayas.

Festival: 2008 (Year Round)

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