In Cuba, Pablo Armando Fernandez is simply known as "El Poeta." At the Triumph of the 1959 Revolution, Pablo, then 30 years old and living in the United States, returned to Cuba with his wife, Maruja Gonzalez. He served as a diplomat in Europe and the Soviet Union for several years, then went on to receive his country's highest awards for his novel The Children Say Goodbye. For a period of 10 years, his works fell out of favour and were not officially published in Cuba. During this time the printers at the print shop of the Cuban Academy of Science, where he worked as a translator, printed his legendary Suite for Maruja. This work was written partly at his wife's hospital bedside when she suffered complications from the birth of their fourth child. During the '90s, Pablo published two more novels and served as editor of the literary journal of the Union of Cuban Writers (UNEAC). He lives in Havana.

Festivals: 2003

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