JM DeMatteis was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He has been a scripter for both Marvel and DC Comics for more than 20 years. The epic Kraven's Last Hunt is considered one of the high-water marks in the 40-year history of Marvel's Spider-Man, while DC's award-winning Speeding Bullets blended the Superman and Batman myths. Collaborating with Keith Giffen, JM produced DC's hilarious Justice League. DeMatteis's dark fantasy creation, the Gargoyle, star of a classic Marvel miniseries, is in development at Columbia Pictures. But his greatest acclaim has come for sophisticated original graphic novels like Seekers Into the Mystery, The Last One, the autobiographical Brooklyn Dreams, and the critically lauded series that helped set the stage for fully painted graphic novels - Moonshadow. Current projects include a reunion with Giffen on DC's Formerly Known as the Justice League, an original fantasy series for Crossgen, Abadazad, and the screenplay 215. JM and his family live in upstate New York.

Festivals: 2003

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