Anthony De Sa grew up in Toronto’s Portuguese community. His short fiction has been published in several North American literary magazines. Barnacle Love is Anthony's first book. His novel, Carnival of Desire, slotted for a 2011 release, will be set in 1977, the year a twelve-year-old shoeshine boy named Emanuel Jaques was brutally raped and murdered in Toronto.

Anthony graduated from the University of Toronto and did his post-graduate work at Queen's University. He attended The Humber School for Writers and Ryerson University and now heads the English Department and directs the creative writing program at a high school for the arts, FJR Writes!. He is currently working with The Humber School for Writers to develop a writing workshop for young adults, Stringing Words. He lives in Toronto with his wife and three boys.

Festival: 2008 (Year Round)

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