Harvey Cashore has worked for ten years at the CBCís leading documentary program the fifth estate and was named a producer for the program in 1996. In that time he has worked on numerous stories that have uncovered government scandal, international fraud, and justice-related issues that have made headlines across the country. Three years ago, the fifth estateís re-examination of evidence surrounding the wrongful conviction of Clayton Johnson led to Johnsonís release from prison. After the broadcast of "Rush for the Rush" in 1998, a documentary about Health Canada plans to allow caffeine in soft drinks aimed at children, the government reversed its position. Cashoreís in-depth work on the Airbus scandal began in 1994 when the CBC learned of secret commissions paid to a Liechtenstein company after Air Canada made its decision to purchase Airbus A320 jets. Since then, Cashore has produced three Airbus-related stories, the last of which was entitled "The Mysterious Dealmaker" which, for the first time, revealed the secret money trail deep inside Karlheinz Schreiberís Zurich bank accounts. The media pounced on this revelatory information, demanding front-page headlines in newspapers across the country. Harvey Cashore is the recipient of the prestigious Best Television Documentary award from the Canadian Association of Journalists and has twice been nominated for a Gemini Award. He is a frequent lecturer and teaches a seminar on investigative reporting for CBCís Training Department. Harvey Cashore lives in Toronto.

Festival Event:
The Truth Shows Up:
Mulroney, Schreiber and the Airbus Scandal
Saturday, April 24 @ 2:00
Mayfair Theatre

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