Kevin Bolger teaches reading and writing to children from grades 2 to 6 in Ottawa, Canada. He spends every workday reading great kids books with actual kids, which naturally made him want to make one of his own. Books, that is.

As a writer, he has published short humor pieces with McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and several Canadian dailies, and book reviews with the Toronto Star and The Globe & Mail.

Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger is his first book. The authors who gave him the most inspiration while writing were James Thurber (The White Deer), Stephen Leacock (Nonsense Novels) and Donald Barthelme (The Slightly Irregular Fire Engine, Or the Hithering, Thithering Djinn). Unfortunately they are all dead now through no fault of his.

Festival Event: Think Ink
April 26 & 27 2010

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