Jacob Berkowitz is a science writer who lives in Almonte, Ontario. He has written for the Globe and Mail, the Ottawa Citizen and other publications. Jurassic Poop is his first book.

Funny and informative, Jurassic Poop — written by Jacob Berkowitz and illustrated by Steve Mack — is flush with amazing facts, stories and activities. Kids will meet dung detectives getting to the bottom of history’s hind-end mysteries. They’ll find out how poop gets preserved and discover what it can tell us about dinosaurs, humans and many other animals from long ago. And kids will find out some pretty stinky facts too. For example, did you know that the soil we grow our food in is largely made from the poo of worms and other small animals?

From coprolite crafts and feces facts to solving cases of “Who Dung It,” kids will be privy to the inside scoop on ancient poop in this unique and engaging science book.

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Step Into Stories Fall 2007

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