Michael D. Bell is currently the Paul Martin (Sr.) Senior Scholar on International Diplomacy at the University of Windsor, where he teaches on the law and politics of the modern Middle East. He is also engaged in a major study on the future governance of Jerusalem’s Old City.

Bell is a former Canadian Foreign Service Officer with 36 years experience in the Department of Foreign Affairs, mostly focused on the Middle East. He was Canada's Ambassador to Jordan (1987-90), Egypt (1994-98), and Israel (1990-92 and 1999- 2003).

Mr. Bell has been a contributor to the Globe and Mail. He has also published in the Literary Review of Canada, the Behind the Headlines series of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, Ideas: the Arts and Science Review of the University of Toronto, the International Journal, and the Journal of International Law and International Relations.

Festivals: 2009 (spring)

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