niu baoguo was born in 1954 in Beijing, where he spent his childhood and finished his primary education. In 1969 he was enrolled in Luoyang Foreign Languages Institute, majoring in English. After graduation in 1973, he was assigned to work in Xinjiang Military Area. Before demobilization from service in 1990, he had been in the army for nearly 20 years. After demobilization, he found work in the Chinese Writers' Association, first as the deputy head, then as head of the Division for American & Oceanic Affairs of the International Liaison Department of Chinese Writers' Association. An essayist and travel writer, his works include The Return of the Traditional Moral Concept, Say Something About the Drama of Greece, I Black-washed Zhangyu in Dead Sea, Hometown Journey and The Embrace of the Two Great Civilizations. As an interpreter and a member of the Writers' Association, he has traveled widely and visited many countries, including Croatia, India, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Macedonia, Pakistan, Slovakia, England, the United States and Canada.

Festivals: 2002

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