Ardyth & Jennifer (Ardyth Robinson and Jennifer Wyatt) are a pair of singer-songwriters from Nova Scotia who weave their two Celtic harps and two voices into gorgeous tapestries. Bringing their eclectic mix of harps, vocals, bass, percussion, whistles and original songs to audiences throughout the Maritime Provinces and into the New England States, they have developed a unique style that combines elements of traditional music with the influence of jazz and contemporary songwriting. They have played at many premier folk festivals and concert venues, showcased in the Roots Room and songwriters’ events at the East Coast Music Awards and at the Juno Fest in Halifax and they have been featured on many local radio and television programs. As they have traveled, their unique style has earned them critical acclaim within the music community and an ever-growing fan base in the Maritimes.

Festivals: 2007 (Year Round)

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